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About Us

We’ve been storytellers for 20 years now, and have been actively involved in a variety of services, including Outdoor Media, Signage’s, BTL & Micro Marketing activities and Corporate Gifting. We have been taking care of everything related to marketing under one roof, for consistency and cost efficiency.

Impactful, Connected and Proven to Work
That sums up our communication services. Lotus Communication is a fully integrated agency, which leverages technology, marketing, communication and other strategic solutions to drive measurable and meaningful returns on marketing and communication investment.

At the core of Lotus Communicaton's philosophy is the power of communication. We find out about our clients, listen to their needs, and confidentely stride in the direction we know is right. With a vision to skillfully craft innovative and holistic marketing communication and be an indispensable partner to achieve business objectives.


An Agency With a Difference
Our team includes talented professionals with a commitment and passion for excellence.

Our Personality. Our Passion. Our Energy. It's All About Our People
And they are a diverse group of seasoned advertising, marketing and PR professionals. They understand the importance of delivering high quality of work on time and on target. Drawn from various marketing and media backgrounds, they work together, collaborate forces to give dimension and depth to everything they do. Come, meet our team and see how they can take your marketing and communication initiatives to the next level.


Outdoor Solutions

A creative, clever and innovative outdoor branding is very important for brand awareness.

Retail Solutions

With a new product cropping up almost daily in the market, promising to be better than the last one.

Events & Exhibition

Events are ever on the rise. It’s a great way to improve brand awareness, advertise your products and services.

Promotions and Activation

With a plethora of brands and products in the market, it is imperative for a seller to be visible...

Digital Marketing

Digital devices are fast becoming integral part of people’s lives. That’s why digital marketing is gaining...

Rural Marketing

There are umpteen established rules for branding and marketing, but alas, they are mostly valid for the urban...

Loyalty Programs

With customer base increasing from hundreds to thousands to even millions, a simple loyalty program is...

Outdoor Branding Solutions

A creative, clever and innovative outdoor branding is very important for brand awareness. A good one is hard to miss, great for brand recall and activation. It’s that one chance to make a ‘first impression’ and tell your audience what you are about. Whether it is on a billboard or a moving bus, outdoor branding needs to really attract the attention of the target audience and enhance brand awareness. At, Lotus Communications, with our team of branding and marketing specialists, we ensure you get the message, medium and the location right.

Branding within guidelines
We understand your brand and the value of brand guidelines, so whatever the size or space, we make sure to follow all the guidelines so that the brand is communicated well and understood by the target audience

The right audience
With our team of analysts and researchers, we help your company in identifying the hub for your audience. Once the target audience is identified, choosing the relevant message and the right medium becomes crucial

The right medium
We, at Lotus Communications, know that not all brand or message needs a hoarding. We make sure you reach your target audience by choosing the right medium for your message whether it is your company vehicle, airport carriages, OOH branding, trains, bus stops or others. Choosing the right medium is half the battle won.

The right message
Right medium and right message go hand-in-hand. At Lotus Communications we ensure that there is a right balance of both. With new and innovative mediums chosen these days, the message also needs to be innovative and clever – what goes on a hoarding might not go on a bus. Our teams put on their creative hats to come up with brilliant campaigns for all media.

Retail Solutions

With a new product cropping up almost daily in the market, promising to be better than the last one, competition is getting stiffer by the day. While marketing efforts to entice the end consumers remain the prime motive, it’s very important for a company to market their products to the retailers, wholesalers and other points of purchases (POS). A special marketing strategy is required to do that. This tactic ensures that the products are marketed well by the sellers against its competition at the point of purchase. At, Lotus Communications, we offer simple retail solutions that fits your budget and help drive sales.

Understanding consumers
With our team of researchers, we can help gain insights into the shopping pattern, behavior of the shoppers and the customer journey at the chosen point of purchase. We can convert these insights into a useful resource to formulate the retail marketing plan.

Trade marketing
We create successful plans to help your company promote products to the sellers. Our simple plans ensure that the products are marketed well at the points of purchase to gain an edge over the competition product.

Brand recall and Sampling
Whether it is FMCG products or white goods we have solutions for all retail marketing. We provide creative brand recall and sampling exercises which ensure that your brand is communicated well and the experience really great so that there is better recall even after the activities are completed. Converting knowledge to touch-and-feel experience is our expertise.

Retail activation campaigns
Whether a brand is new or old, activation campaigns are always a huge hit especially at the point of purchase like retail outlets and malls. With our network and easy laid plans we can ensure your brand or product takes center stage at these places. We put together everything that is required for a successful brand activation campaign, from the right collaterals to the right sales people.

With our top-of-the line retail solutions, we make sure that branding is done well at all POP and POS for good after sales.

Events and Exhibition

Every event is unique to itself. We know that one size doesn’t fit all and we have unique solutions to offer for every event. From a small bookmark to a huge hoarding – we have the expertise to do it all.

We handle:

  • Brand & Product Launches
  • B2B & B2C Events
  • Networking Events
  • VIP Visits
  • Facility Inaugurations
  • Employee Events
  • Awards functions
  • Entertainment & Thematic Events
  • Dealer/ Channel/ Customer/interaction programs
  • Design and Fabrication - Stalls

End-to-end solutions
Whatever the requirement, we provide end-to-end solution to any event. Right from promotions to the main event to final publications

We handle

  • Pre-Event Communications
  • Teaser Campaign
  • On ground Promotions
  • Road Shows
  • Design & Fabrication
  • Venue, Sound & Light Management

Promotions and Activation

With a plethora of brands and products in the market, it is imperative for a seller to be visible everywhere because when it comes to brand visibility, out of sight is indeed out of mind. In addition to regular marketing and branding, promotional and activation events have become an integral part of a brand’s communication plan. Promotions and activations provide a great platform for customers to engage with the brand and is a total touch-and-feel experience, which is a great need of the day. We understand that at Lotus Communications and over the years have developed the right experience and expertise to help customers communicate their brand optimally through these events.


  • Brand Promotions
  • Road Shows
  • RWA
  • Corporate activation

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing
Digital devices are fast becoming integral part of people’s lives. That’s why digital marketing is gaining momentum and has turned into chosen mode for communicating a brand, speaking to stakeholders and engaging with customers. We, at Lotus communications, update our knowledge every so often, keeping pace with the latest in internet marketing activities like paid promotions, social media optimization, rich media services, sms and e-mail marketing. With our expertise in marketing communications, we take efforts understanding your business and suggest a right fit for to run your communications plan.

With our expertise and experience we can deliver the following:

Website and Micro site design
We provide customized web and micro site design solutions in line with industry best practices, brand guidelines, sensitivity and tonality. Our designs help inspire and act while communicating your brand effectively. Our web and micro sites are optimized for all screen sizes and are equipped with advance features.

Search engine optimization
Our experts help keep your website visible by search engine optimization techniques. With our team of analysts and researchers, the content team is supplied with the right words and phrases to help improve search engine rankings.

Online Marketing
The biggest trend over the last few years have been rapid cropping up of e-commerce sites, usage of social media and e-mail as the chief mode of communication. Having a presence in these spaces and marketing your brand is the latest in online marketing. At Lotus Communications, we can enhance your brand visibility with the help of online marketing strategies and expertise from our team of analysts and strategists.

Viral marketing
With everything happening so fast in the digital world, viral marketing has emerged as the most effective and efficient way to market your brand. It’s effective because it’s almost like ‘word-of-mouth’, it’s efficient because it has the tendency to reach the right audience. At Lotus Communications we help you do just that with our viral marketing campaign strategies.

Direct response programmes
We at Lotus Communications can help you develop a comprehensive, integrated Direct Response Programmes that will ensure you reach your customers directly through your chosen media.

Mobile Application
Power mobile applications help you reach your customers wherever they go. Our mobile applications help do just that only faster and easier with the user-friendly UI and easy navigation.

Rural Marketing

There are umpteen established rules for branding and marketing, but alas, they are mostly valid for the urban market. Rural marketing is a totally different ball game altogether – it’s not just about mass communication but require understanding the rural mindset, market and going deep into the history of the place. More than half of India is rural populace which means there is a huge market out there to be explored. It requires specialised communications and marketing plans and strategies to reach them.

Branding and engaging in Rural India
Rural marketing has come a long way from just doing ‘nautanki’ or street plays. Understanding the workings of a rural market and sensitivities are keys to branding and positioning of any new products or services there. With our dedicated rural marketing team we create long-term plans that help do just that.

Here are some of the things that we specialise in:
Mobile float campaign
Our mobile float campaigns are the epitome of ‘infotainment’. While speaking to the rural populace, it’s not enough just to provide information - the rural populace is often starved of entertainment and that’s where we can communicate with them. Whether it is reaching out to local performers for dances, songs, skits, music, or getting specialists writers to pen down the right words, we, at Lotus communications, can churn out the right plan and proposition for a successful mobile float campaign.

Campaigns covering 360 degree initiative
With our clear understanding of rural India, we provide well drawn out 360 degree campaigns which cover brand-planning, research, marketing and communication strategies, media planning, selling and buying for a successful execution across the country. The creativity of our campaigns have always caught eye-balls and has helped in sales.

Product Launch
Launching a product in a rural market requires specialised and custom-made solutions. Our team of researchers and communication specialists reach the heart of the populace with extremely specialised, creative product launch campaigns. Understanding our audience and our know-how helps formulate the right messages to reach the right people.

Database management and Loyalty Program
Our database management capabilities are a storehouse for maintaining a good Loyalty Program. We have the skills to develop efficient and use-friendly database management system that lets you know a repeat customer, understand the customer needs which helps provide better services and is a big resource for a Loyalty Program.

Loyalty Programs

With customer base increasing from hundreds to thousands to even millions, a simple loyalty program is tough to manage. Increasingly there is a need for a comprehensive, integrated and dynamic loyalty programs. They are not just about offering discounts to customers anymore, but are well-planned marketing strategy that reward customers and persuade them to stay loyal, which in the long run is beneficial to the company. At Lotus Communications, we have the expertise to build a dynamic platform which is customizable and scalable to any size and environment. In this space, we provide development, implementation, delivery as well as maintenance of the solution.

With our expertise in retail solutions, we help create a perfect plan for your loyalty program to include rewards and recognition programs, non-cash incentive planning and more. Right from understanding customer behavior to analyzing customer needs, our plan will cover all aspects.

Customized software solutions
To support a comprehensive loyalty program, an efficient, multi-tasking software solution is a must. We have the in-house capability and know-how for creating a software which is the right fit for your company. Our online solutions are scalable to any environment and platform.

Product Cataloguing and database management
Our loyalty program platform allows for online as well as offline product cataloguing for an organized and structured labelling, detailing, tagging and pricing. Since the platform is scalable and flexible, all your products can be catalogued – online as well as offline. Our backend database management tool makes sure that all details of customers are captured so that you can give them the right deals.

A successful program needs an effective communications plan. Our team of marketing and communications specialists create well integrated and effective communications plan for your loyalty program. Right from web campaigns to e-mail marketing to mobile campaigns – we cover it all. We also create easy to navigate viral marketing solutions that can be used either in e-mails or social media platforms. We, at Lotus Communications, know how to reach your audience, be it through web, viral, mobile or even gaming solutions.


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